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Cut your painting into thousands of pieces
Sell the painting piece by piece

Turn your unique artwork into an investment by dividing it into smaller pieces and making it available to thousands of interested collectors. Instead of selling your artwork at a high price to one buyer, break it down into smaller pieces, each of which will be a unique NFT token and allow many people to own a piece of your unique artwork.

Oil painting
You will sell a digitized oil painting in its entirety.

If you are an artist and want to commercialize your artwork, our platform is for you. With it, you can sell digital NFT versions of your work directly to collectors, which will serve as proof of authenticity, while canvas versions will be sent directly to the buyer, receiving immediate payment and without the need for intermediaries.

Create a collection
  • One picture
A collection from one image with a unique description.

Create unique collections from a single image by adding a unique code to each piece. The same image can represent thousands of unique works of art, which can easily be created as NFTs and sold with additional rewards for buyers. It's the perfect tool for creating exclusive collections, such as sports cards.

Create a collection
  • Different images
A collection with many different pictures.

Create a collection of NFTs with just one click. Our platform allows you to create multiple unique NFTs with just one click. Upload a series of images and create multiple different NFTs at once, without the need to add each one individually. You can set a fixed price or a progressive price for each NFT in your collection, as well as establish rewards for collectors who make a purchase. Create your unique NFT collection today!

Set rewards
Reward people who buy your NFTs!

You can reward collectors of your NFTs through the rewards option on our platform. Simply set the amount you want to allocate to rewards, and our system will automatically select the appropriate number of rewards. We offer two reward options: the first is rewards for collecting tokens, which are passed on to the first wallets that reach the required number of tokens. The second option is a prize draw among wallets that have purchased NFTs in your collection.

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Tokenizing paintings, cutting them into pieces, and rewarding collectors is an innovative way to invest in and trade art. This way, anyone can have access to the most valuable works of art, regardless of their financial capabilities, and have a share in their value.

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    Extra earnings
    Earn money by sharing paintings by other artists.

    All you need to do is connect your wallet and generate a link by clicking the EARN button. You can share the link on social media or anywhere else on the internet. Every time someone buys a painting, the smart contract will pay out 2% of the sale amount to your wallet.

    Grand prize
    For collecting the entire painting in one wallet

    To win the grand prize, you need to buy at least one piece from the collection, which entitles you to participate in the draw, or collect all the elements of the painting in one wallet. The value of the prize is determined by the buying market. Due to the fact that 40% of the price set by the seller is the minimum value of the grand prize, and additionally 2% of the transaction of painting fragments between owners on the secondary market, the prize pool is constantly growing, giving an extra motivation to participate in the collection.

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    ART token is a currency used to buy images and conduct trading transactions on the platform
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