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How to pick up ART

What are the conditions for receiving ART

It's very simple, just connect your wallet and the system will automatically recognize if it has been previously saved and show it to you immediately.

We have allocated 1,500,000 ART tokens in Phase I and 750,000 ERC20 ART tokens in Phase II for the Ethereum airdrop contract. Everyone who registered earlier and does so now will receive 100 ART for free to claim on their own.

After receiving 100 ART and sharing the link on social media, you have the opportunity to receive

  • Phase I +10% when buying an ART token
  • Phase II +5% when buying an ART token.

In addition, after the Airdrop closes, 100 wallets will be randomly selected for 1,000 ART and 10 Airdrop wallets for 10,000 ART.

Below is a list of saved wallets. Withdrawals are activated by clicking the RECEIVE button. Watch the instructional video on how to claim the Airdrop tokens.

0 Wallets
0 $ART
AIRDROP amount
0 $ART

You are not on the list?

Maybe you will still make it!

If you have not found your wallet on the list and the amount at the top is less than 1,500,000, you still have a chance to receive the Airdrop. Just connect your wallet, claim 100 ART for free, and wait for the 1000 ART raffle.


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